One Man’s Trash, Another’s Excuse to Kayak


Yesterday we got to take part in an effort to “Keep Georgetown Beautiful.” This valiant attempt consisted of us cutting across the water in donated kayaks and discovering the wonder that is a trash grabber. We got to ‘yak around Georgetown Harbor with other volunteers and pick up the trash that piles up along the banks. Our finds ranged from a bucket, to a yoga mat, to a carton of eggs. Lesson for all: DON’T THROW YOUR STUFF IN THE WATER. USE A TRASH CAN/RECYCLING BIN (see earlier post about the glory that is a landfill). Also, I figured out how to use my GoPro, and have decided to display my masterpieces above. All the other BN’s can now claim they knew me before I became an internationally acclaimed photographer. CSOS is a magical time.





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