Planes and Monster Trucks and Guns! Oh My!


This past weekend has been pretty eventful. Thanks to Mr. Funnye, we started our Friday with plane rides. Walking into the airport, it was hard for us to contain our excitement to see Georgetown from above. But, once we were told that we would be 20150612_201722able to fly the planes as well, we couldn’t wipe the excitement from our faces. Each BN walked out of the plane with an inextinguishable smile painted on. One BN was so excited that she even wanted to purchase a personal plane.jack brad

Some may find flying a plane enough for a day but not us. After a quick group gym run, we got ready for the Monster Jam (more commonly referred to as just Jam). Jam was far better than we could have ever expected. We all knew that watching large trucks jump over other cars for hours would have been invigorating. However, we did not expect voices to have been lost from excitement or fence climbing to have occurred. Jam gave us more than I could have hoped for–it gave us a greater appreciation for big trucks.

Monster truck

To recover from the sight of the Scooby Doo truck and the BN Jam attire (particularly Jack’s hippie look), we spent most of Saturday at the beach. But don’t worry, our weekend was not over yet. On Sunday morning, we were allowed to attend Shiloh church, a small, family style church. While it was similar to Bethel church in having a tight community, Shiloh church demonstrated how different services in Georgetown could be conducted. From having a band of solely children to having a choir of three, the church definitely operated in a different fashion from Bethel and churches that we were used to. We truly adored the atmosphere of the tightly-knit Shiloh church and are thankful that they invited us.

shiloh church

As our final adventure for the weekend, a few of us went to a gun range to take our first shots. Barak, the only one of us who has actually shot a gun before, took initiative and courageously led us through the afternoon. After looking at the intimidating rifle and hearing the shots ring through the wall, a few of us were definitely nervous. Nevertheless, these nerves quickly dissipated and left behind a desire to shoot until we had to purchase more ammo. Some of us went trigger-happy; others actually took their time to hit the target. Either way, I think everyone had a great time shooting!


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