We Will Survive

Sometimes, you need to hear about success from someone who not only has it, but has become renowned for his or her triumphs. Such an individual serves as living proof that a proper combination of hard work and perseverance can reap favorable results, serving as a source of inspiration for those who wonder whether or not their efforts will truly pay off in the end. Last week, singer Gloria Gaynor, who won a Grammy Award for her disco single “I Will Survive” in 1978, visited Plantersville Summer Academy to share the secrets to success with the students: hard work and education. I, along with several other members of the BN Duke Class of 2018, visited Plantersville to hear her speak.

Gloria Gaynor with the Plantersville Summer Academy students (and Gabi!)

Gloria Gaynor with the Plantersville Summer Academy students (and Gabi!)

Before singing her lionized song “I Will Survive”, Gaynor, dubbed the ‘Disco Queen’, shared her own humble background with the students of Plantersville Summer Academy. She stressed to them that her family had very little money while she was growing up, but they had a great deal of love for one another, emphasizing that money should never be viewed as the most important thing. Furthermore, she emphasized that the success she found in her singing career stemmed from never giving up and always putting forth her best efforts in all that she did, encouraging the children to work hard and follow their passions in order to accomplish their goals.


Gloria Gaynor at Plantersville Summer Academy

Most importantly, Ms. Gaynor, who recently received her college diploma, stressed to the impressionable minds sitting before her that education is key to all that one seeks to accomplish in this world. Expressing that scholarships and financial aid are available so that anyone can pursue an undergraduate education, Ms. Gaynor planted a seed in the minds of the elementary and middle school students in her midst, causing them to begin thinking about the reality of higher education at an early age. In doing so, she reminded them of the importance of their current status as young scholars, encouraging them to work hard as they learn to read, write, and apply mathematical concepts, so that down the road they can achieve whatever lofty goals they set before themselves in the future.



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